100% Silent Fridges Designed for Hotels and Guest Rooms.


100% Silent Fridges Designed for Hotels and Guest Rooms.


Sleek, Stylish and packed with Features

  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced Thermoelectric Heat Pipe Technology. No Fans ensuring Optimum Performance.

  • Super Silent - Zero dB

    Noiseless with 0dB Noise Level. No Vibration. 100% Silent and Peaceful Running.

  • A+ Energy Efficiency

    Highly Energy Efficient and Economical without compromising the Guest Comfort.

  • Lockable - Key

    Safe and Secure. Lockable with Key to prevent any unauthorised access.

Sleek Design

Effortless combination of good looks with high performance technology. Modern and Sleek design of the fridge makes it a great addition to any hotel room.

Flexible Storage

The adjustable and removable shelves inside allows you to customise and organise the storage just the way it is needed. The door storage is a bonus giving you some extra space to stock up.

Available in 2 Sizes

To meet your hotel needs more precisely, Barcool Mini Bars are available in 2 sizes: 30 Litre and 40 Litre.

Why Barcool?

Customer Service

Customers are our greatest assets. We take pride in our customer service. You can get in touch with us online, visit and over the phone.

Full Warranty

Full 2 Years Warranty for free on all Barcool fridges together with 30 Days Hassle Free Returns for your peace of mind.

Environmental Friendly

The environment is taken into consideration at every step of the way. We strive to keep our environment impact to minimum as possible.